Openlix has six major components :


The product component allow the manufacturer to maintain all information related to the product lines, parts, serial numbers, etc.

Warranty Policies :

The manufacturer will use this module to maintain the Warranty policies. Warranty vary a lot by products, parts, OEM. With this module, the manufacturer can manage warranties from suppliers. It can notify the manufacturer about warranties that are about to expire.

Claims : This module is used by many entities. The dealer or service center will use it to enter claims. The manufacturer claims department are using it. The warranty department will use it. This module : Automatically validates, generates and submits warranty claims in accordance with manufacturer requirements. Ensures only valid parts, problems and solutions for each specific model and manufacturer. Orders each claim record's service and parts components by value of repair level and labor payment. Assesses each claim record for inclusion based on contract warranty terms and OEM specific parameters, including service bulletin exceptions. Verifies that claim falls within OEM claim time limit. Checks additional unique OEM validation requirements and rules. Generates claim files on demand or at regular scheduled times. History of previous claim files maintained for review. Ability for administrators to develop additional custom warranty extraction files. Uses manufacturer specific terminology and codes in claim files

Field services : This module is use by the manufacturer and is a service the manufacturer provide to the dealer and service center. Using field service, the manufacturer, dealer, service center can dispatch and schedule solution and optimize break-fix, T&M, repair , PM and other fields activities by assigning the right person at the right time and place with the right parts, tools and skills.


Openlix keep tracks of "everything". It keep a history of all claims, all service calls, all warranties policies changes, products modifications, etc.. All the reports are created in a PDF format for easier consultation. Excel is also use in many reports. You can define your own reports. Furthermore you can schedule reports to run at different times and emails to different users. You have full control of the reports. Finally, base on your own rules, openlix will notify you when suppliers warranties expired, when claims are "suspicious", when products need more "attention" than needed, etc.. The rules are yours.

On the go

Most of Openlix components are available through a smartphone. You can view, approve, reject claims. You can see the payment made. You can see warranties, service repairs, even many reports.

Other Functionalities:

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