With services covering a whole spectrum within this domain – ranging from fresh Software development to maintenance & support and Quality Assurance, Nale Group Inc. is able to assist all types of organizations – from Startups to established businesses. If your company uses software, you would find yourself requiring one of the following services for your business:

Software Development
Creating a new software application is a challenging task that needs careful planning & dedicated execution. Nale Group Inc. seamlessly integrates with the Client team in order to convert the ‘vision’ into ‘execution’ while the Client’s resources are used for what they should be doing – providing requirements and prioritizing the application feature-set. The Client team’s domain knowledge and market understanding is well-complemented by Nale Group Inc.’s technical, process and management expertise – acquired by the scores of application development engagements it has undertaken.

Be it a small firm looking to find IT services/ consulting for its Client facing applications or a medium/ large enterprise needing to create an integrated suite of applications to manage its operations better, the value in an outsourced application development relationship with Nale Group Inc. is unmatched.

Software Maintenance
Software, even when past its growth phase, still needs bug fixing, troubleshooting and micro-enhancements support in order keep the current installed user base satisfied. This is a big problem for businesses since a significant investment of resource is required to support such applications till the time an upgrade is available. Additionally and more importantly, this takes valuable time away from their core business. Nale Group Inc. provides an outsourced Maintenance & Support service that helps our clients support their existing applications cost effectively, while concentrating their in-house expertise.

Migration & Porting
Software-enabled businesses, more often than not, encounter situations where their applications need to be supported in multiple platforms. In some cases, a version created on an older version platform needs to be upgraded to a newer version. Such upgrades and transformations are important and can potentially be costly. The most effective way to deal with this issue is by outsourcing their migration and porting needs to reliable partners and continue focusing on their core competence.

Nale Group Inc.’s Application Migration & Porting services are specifically meant for companies looking at professional assistance in transforming their applications into a different platform or a different version of that platform. This requires a different methodology and specific expertise in migration. Our specialized skills and proven methodologies have enabled several technology companies achieve cross-platform compatibility.

QA & Testing
For any type of software, QA & Testingis a critical ingredient. You might have the Right Idea, Right People & Enough Money but if the application has critical issues, chances are that it would be rendered unusable. Buggy software applications can severely impact your business in terms of cost & efficiency eventually leading to downtime, lost revenue, client dissatisfaction and tarnished brand name. Achieving the right degree of Nale Group Inc. in-house can be challenging, resource-intensive, expensive and even biased. Nale Group Inc.’s Application QA & Nale Group Inc. services enable organizations to make sure that highest standards of quality are maintained and the application never goes into production before it has been tested and certified by a third party (Nale Group Inc.). Through a focus on people, processes, tools & methodology, Nale Group Inc. helps organizations achieve their quality imperatives.

Web Design & Development
We are one of the most affordable website design services in USA. When you choose Nalegroup Inc. to work on your website, you'll work directly with a website designer (not a sales guy). We'll custom develop your website to reflect your company's individual needs. Rest assured, we always design websites using search engine friendly techniques and submit your site to the search engines! We have many years of expertise and provide an outstanding web design service.

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Graphic Design
At Nalegroup, we specialize in custom graphic designs for both web and print media. Whether you are looking for static, animated or rich media based ads to be placed online, or for designing strong, print based ads, flyers or brochures; our graphic designers will work with you to understand your business and create a design that is just the right thing for you. The talented designers at our graphic design studio will also help you design logos, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, banners, posters, newsletters or any other graphic design project.

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